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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New dimensions:

the corporate work always creates few kinds of pressure on the employees.One is the fear of job.Question is whether the job exists or not after few hours. Next is the fear of continuous performance, you are always monitored by the wings of the corporate as somebody are told to monitor you at a close distance. The law of ethical and non-ethical things confuse you again. Even the laws are created by the so called social beings many times it points to a doubt of whether these are made for practical things. As the limit of time and quality of work are mutually linked, many a times people do not seem to believe it together. As the money poured on you is seamless and future is almost unknown you are driven to an confused and perplexed world. Also when the jargons are not known to you poor guys believe the more to captured. Time and tides are not waiting for you, you can either see the tide or or can swim with the tide.

Now at this world of confusion its always our job to define the dimensions. It can be the 11 or 26 dimensions as floated by the string theory. For the people to exist in the era of growing power money and space forced creation of the multidimensional space is not a wonder. As the nature always supports the universal existence of energy, dimensions in different domains always unifies to a single space.


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